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Surviving a Late Night Talk Show

with Ben Richards

60 min   |   10-2000 participants   |   english 

Can someone from your office survive a late night talk show?

Whether it be the big boss, Helen from HR or maybe someone celebrating an anniversary with the company, one of your colleagues will join our host, the friendly yet biting Englishman Ben Richards, in the studio for games and chat. The big question, can they survive until the end. 


Live from our studio in Stockholm's Old Town the show will be beamed to the homes and offices of your colleagues. These viewers will have the opportunity to influence the content of the late night talk show, making things more difficult for the guest. Viewers will also compete against each other throughout the show, for a place in the grand final where they will go head to head with our guest. 

What to expect

“Current Event” A stand-up opening monologue and introduction

“Hacked Computer” Running out of conversation? Not to to worry, we hack our guests laptop to gain some information

“Q&A from hell” Viewers send in tough questions for our guest

“On the Streets” We send our reporter out on to the streets but what will happen when they end up at our guests apartment?

 “So I’ve heard you can draw” We look through our guests old paintings and have a competition with some new.

395 SEK per person

Minimum price for 20 participants.

Increasing discounts for groups from 70 participants.

For example:

20 participants: 7900 SEK

150 participants: 32 900 SEK

500 participants: 52 900 SEK

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