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How do I book an online Game Show?

You fill out the Booking inquiry at the bottom of the page. There you can choose witcDå fyller du i bokningsformuläret nedan. There you can choose which show you want to book, approximately how many you are and which date you want to book. You can also write what time you are interested in. If you do not have a special date or do not know which show you want to book, write that and we will come up with suggestions. You can also call us on 08-446 65 61 if you have some questions or would like to book a show over the phone instead.

How does an online-game show work?

We are sending live from our Game show-studio i the old town of Stockholm, Sweden. You access the show by joining a video meeting in for example Zoom and competing by using your phones as buzzers. No apps are needed since both Zoom and the buzzers are accessible in your browser. You can be anywhere in the hole world! Vi take care of all of the technology, so you can lean back, enjoy the show and focus on have fun and, of course, to win!

We want to give a speech before the show, is it possible?

Yes, that is no problem at all! Write it in your booking inquiry and we will fix it for you. It is also possible to book the studio before the show to have a conference. Contact us to get a price for that.

We have one from the company who would like to be in the show to make it more personal, is that possible?

Of course! It possible to have one or a few guest from your company in the studio. We can also show your company logo instead of our at the desk in the show. If you want to make it even more personal we can make special competitions about your company, your products or your employees. We can also prerecord and edit film clips from your company and a lot more.  We can make small changes in any of our shows or we can create a whole new show just for you! Contact us to get a price offer for your idea.

What is the price?

All our online game shows have a price of 395 SEK per person excluding VAT with a minimum charge of 20 participants. If you are more than 70 participants, you get a discount. The more participants the more discount. Additions in the form of special competitions, pre-recorded material, extended studio time (for conferences or similar), etc. is offered separately.

For example:

20 participants: 7900 SEK

150 participants: 32 900 SEK

500 participants: 52 900 SEK

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