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Coffee Break Billionaire

60 min   |   10-2000 participants   |   english 

Coffee Break Billionaire is a new interactive Game Show from On Air where you and your colleagues compete together to get the most dollars. Our host leads, through prerecorded videos, you and your colleagues through a number of fun competitions where cooperation is rewarded. You don't have to answer the same, but it is of course the team with the highest average points that wins the Game Show!


Divided into three sessions of 20 min will you and your collagues compete in different competitions where the goal is to earn the most dollars. Some of the competitions that may appear is:

 - The List

 - The Price Ladder

 - The Stock Market

 - From one cent to a million

 - The final!

395 SEK per person

Minimum price for 20 participants.

Increasing discounts for groups from 70 participants.

For example:

20 participants: 7900 SEK

150 participants: 32 900 SEK

500 participants: 52 900 SEK

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