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A Game Show Through Time

60 min   |   10-2000 participants   |  swedish/english 

The time traveling Game Show where a degree in history is not needed. Broadcast live from On Air's Studio, A game show Through Time is our newest online experience. 

Compete against each other from the comfort of your own home (or the office) as you take control of the time machine choosing what rounds you play. Will you choose to travel to a Swedish kitchen in the 1970’s or to 1980’s pop concert? Will we go all the way back to the 1950’s or maybe even the 1940’s or maybe even further back. Who will come out top in our futuristic final and go away with the big prize?

Packed full of fun and exciting games that everyone can play and enjoy.


You participate by following the show on a stream on your computer and answering the hosts questions with a virtual buzzer on your phone. The game shows are designed to work great with 10 to 2000 participants. 

Our experienced hosts can also be joined live in the studio by a co-host guest who can help with reading questions and chatting to viewers at home. 

395 SEK per person

Minimum price for 20 participants.

Increasing discounts for groups from 70 participants.

For example:

20 participants: 7900 SEK

150 participants: 32 900 SEK

500 participants: 52 900 SEK

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